What Is a Workcamp?


Workcamp can simply be defined as the gathering of intending and passionate individuals or group ranging from 5 to 20 across the world who volunteer to assist in a non-profit oriented overseas projects. Ideally, workcamp is usually scheduled to summer period and the duration of each varies from 7 days to 21 days. As a matter of fact, every intending volunteer usually explore any public database to choose the project date, country, and type of the work based on their preference. It may interest you that workcamp is opened to both professional and non-professional. That is to say, artisans, teachers, doctor’s nurses and the rest are equally qualified for the program as long as they fall between the age brackets of 18- 30 years of age.

Even though you are coming to positively impact the less privileged, the orphans, and the aged, it is noteworthy to say that workcamp is a win-win situation. In other words, all participants will always leave with an evergreen experience. Apart from the joy and fulfillment of putting smiles on the faces of these needy, you will as well enjoy an exciting experience and share diverse cultural values and customs. Besides, since participants usually are like minds that come from different parts of the world, you stand the chance of meeting new friend that may last a lifetime. And if these are not enough, you will also have a chance to visit many historic and cultural sites-seeing and a possibility to learn the basics of new language all within 3 weeks