Code of Project

Workcamp in Vietnam

Code of the project: GWC-VTMN1122

Nature of the project: Xuan Thuy National Park (CCIVS’s project) & Conservation
Starting & Ending Date: 09 Aug – 18 Aug
Skills and Qualification: Not Required
Workcamps Cost: 250$
Total Space Available: 14

Project Highlights:

As a GWC volunteer you will work at the Xuan Thuy National Park which is the pride of local people in their wetlands area, due to its relevance as a Ramsar site and its importance for their eco-tourism development. Group of participants will be divided into small teams to do different tasks. The teams would be:
Activity team: The team is further divided into smaller teams to do different works like organizing campaigns, planting, cleaning up or repairing depending on the detailed requirements of the project.

Cooking team: This team will be in charge of cooking for the whole group in 1 day including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The team will also arrange leisure activities in the evening (games, exchange culture activities).

Main activities: The main activities at the project include planting mangrove trees, organizing campaigns on sustainable development around local community, cleaning up the surrounding area of the national park, visiting mushroom club and helping the farmers to grow mushrooms, helping the nearby school to make bookshelves in the library and cultural exchange with the students.

This would be a very fun filled activity which will keep you engrossed till the end. As a volunteer you may also be expected to help the local staff with any help they may need.
Volunteers can take a break from the work by visiting near by Parks and tourist spots for relaxation. GWC believes the young has the energy and the right attitude to bring in change smoothly, so please come forward and join hands with GWC for this noble cause.


Typically you are expected to work for about 4 to 6 hours a day; however if you wish to put in more working hours in the interest of needy you are welcome. A typical working day begins after breakfast at 8:30 am till 11 am and after lunch at 1:30 pm to 3:30pm. It is highly recommended that you work with other project closely to adjust better and maximize the impact.

Project ltinerary:

Day 1: Arrival at Vietnam International Airport, from where you will be transferred to your respective accommodation. Your 1st day will be a rest day, so that you can easily recover and refresh yourself after a long journey. But at nights, you can stroll around and enjoy the beautiful place by exploring your surroundings.

Day 2: You will be welcomed at GWC Vietnam Office, where you will be given a short introduction of GWC. You will also be introduced about the local people, local conditions, local language & culture, host family, safety & climate and social or political issues.

Day 3: You will leave for the project site where you will meet with the local villagers and will be introduced about the project and environment.

Day 4 – 9: Work in Project (Refer Project Highlights for details)

Day 10: This is the time to relax and refresh by taking a tour to village site, interact with locales, staff and your fellow volunteers. You will visit and explore various sightseeing spots and will get to have lots of fun. After dinner in the evening, you can have more fun when you join cultural program performed by local community people which is always a visual treat.

Day 11-12: Project work (Assist in Buddhism Orphanage) continues.

Day 13: Explore the beautiful places of Vietnam along with fellow participants who all are of almost of your own age. This will enhance the bonding among the participants.

Day 14: Completion of project, final experience synthesis and Farewell program will be conducted at the end. This is a wonderful platform to the participants to recall and share important experiences and lessons learnt. During this, a short program of certificate distribution will also take place. Once the program is over, the group of volunteers (youth participants) will leave for departure for their respective destinations.


  • Above is just a suggested, sample itinerary and might be changed by the country coordinator if and when required. However, you will receive the final work camp itinerary upon your arrival in the host country. The program coordinator will also provide you day-to-day work schedule before the work camp starts.
  • If any participant needs to reschedule their journey due to any unavoidable circumstances please do keep GWC informed. We will try to do the best suited arrangements. Since it will be difficult to make all arrangements for a single participant separately, it is highly recommended that you stick with the original plan.


GWS partner organizations at Vietnam will arrange and manage your accommodation, food and supervision while you work in at the project. You will stay either with a host family, in a project hostel, in a dormitory or in a Home base. You will be served with 3 meals a day which includes noodles, Curry, Bread, and Pickle etc with occasional supplement of sea food, chicken or mutton. The meal might be cooked by a group of volunteers with the support of local staff. Although a beautiful, warm and friendly place, you should not expect luxurious treatment or accommodations because we ideally want you to feel and experience the real local Vietnam culture and lifestyle closely.