Workcamp in Uganda

Code of the project: GWC – UG – 6603

Nature of the project: Sanitation and Construction
Starting & Ending Date: July 05 – July 25
Skills and Qualification: Not Required
Workcamps Cost: 320 $
Total Space Available: 15 Book Now

Project Highlights:

Uganda’s sanitation and health facilities in far located areas are very poor and unhygienic to local community. The Government is not able to take any positive steps to combat the issue due to financial issues. This is having an adverse effect on the health of local poor people. They are even deprived of the very basic facilities. GWC has worked out some friendly and beneficial projects for its volunteers. Volunteers being young and educated can mingle with the young local community with ease. This will help them understand their issues and offer help. Through this project the volunteers will spread awareness on sanitation among the community by arranging local programs or through seminars and other local gatherings. They will create awareness about possible health threats and prevention. Volunteers will also help the community cleaning canals, water channels, trenches, collection of garbage and many other related works or help needed by the poor people to improve the sanitation facilities. The volunteers will make these sessions very interesting and fun filled with easy to reach methods for a deeper impact of the program. Besides sanitation, volunteers will also be participating in with a construction of a house/hall for the local NGO, this center will help the other international volunteers and local people to learn and have a place to hold events, seminars etc. Volunteers will be involved in fitting doors and windows, plastering, renovating, cleaning, and transferring bricks and other construction related materials. This will be a lifetime experience to the volunteers who would get to help community and will also develop good bonding with co participating volunteers coming from different international cultures. Volunteers may also take a break from charity and visit some nearby attractions to have some relaxing fun moments. Join hands with GWC and help making healthy lives, happier lives.


Typically you are expected to work for about 4 to 6 hours a day; however if you wish to put in more working hours in the interest of needy you are welcome. A typical working day begins after breakfast at 8:30 am till 11 am and after lunch at 1:30 pm to 3:30pm. It is highly recommended that you work with other project closely to adjust better and maximize the impact.

Project Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival at Lomé-Tokoin Airport, from where you will be taken to your respective accommodation. At GWC office, you will be introduced to our staff. Your 1st day will be a rest day, so that you can easily recover and refresh yourself after a long journey.

Day 2: You will be welcomed at Lome’s GWC Office, where you will be given a short introduction about of GWC. You will also be introduced about the local people, local conditions, local language & culture, host family, safety & climate and socio – political issues.

Day 3: You will leave for the project site where you will get to meet with the local villagers and will be introduced to the project and the working environment.

Day 4 – 14: Project Work (Refer project Highlights for details)

Day 15: This is the time to relax and refresh by taking a tour to village site, interact with locales, staff and fellow volunteers. You will visit and explore various sightseeing spots and will get to have lots of fun. After dinner in the evening, you can have more fun when you join cultural program performed by local community people which is always a visual treat.

Day 16-19: Project work (Education and Entertainment) continues.

Day 20: Explore the beautiful places of Togo along with fellow participants who all are of almost of your own age. This will enhance the bonding among the participants.

Day 21: Completion of project, final experience synthesis and Farewell program will be conducted at the end. This is a wonderful platform to the participants to recall and share important experiences and lessons learnt. During this, a short program of certificate distribution will also take place. Once the program is over, the group of volunteers (youth participants) will leave for departure for their respective destinations.


  • Above is just a suggested, sample itinerary and might be changed by the country coordinator if and when required. However, you will receive the final work camp itinerary upon your arrival in the host country. The program coordinator will also provide you day-to-day work schedule before the work camp starts.
  • If any participant needs to reschedule their journey due to any unavoidable circumstances please do keep GWC informed. We will try to do the best suited arrangements.

Food and Accommodation:

GWS partner organizations at Togo will arrange and manage your accommodation, food and supervision while you work at the project. During the work camp, your accommodation and food would be made accessible in with a host family, in a project hostel, in a dormitory or in a Home base. You’ll be served 3 (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) meals a day including local delicacies mostly prepared by volunteers with local help. Although a beautiful, warm and friendly place, you should not expect luxurious treatment or accommodations because we ideally want you to feel and experience the real local Togolese culture and lifestyle closely.

Travel Requirements:

  • A valid passport with a minimum validity of six months is necessary for traveling to Togo.
  • Without a valid visa document you are likely to be deported back to your respective country.
  • GWC recommends its volunteers to apply for a Tourist Visa in advance though it is available on arrival at the airport too.
  • Contact embassy and consulate of Togo in your home country for more detailed and updated information.
  • It is strongly recommended that you check the website of the embassy of Togo to ensure you have the most current and updated information.
  • Do submit all the supporting documents, where necessary like sufficient proof of fund, To and fro air tickets, and medical insurance etc
  • Application must be supported with two passport size photographs and applicable visa fees.
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate may be required.


Volunteers traveling to host country are suggested to arrive one day before the start of program. The weekly work camp fee will cover expenses beginning of the first day of the program (Refer to date in the table) to the last day of the program. If you arrive before the first day of the program and/or stay beyond the last day of the program, expenses will be the responsibility of the volunteer (usually $30-$50 per day for room/food at the hotel).

If volunteers are delayed or miss their flight, it is highly recommended that you call our offices or your coordinator and make alternative arrangements with them. In the event that a volunteer gets lost, our general suggestion is that they go to the specific contact hotel (provided within the pre-departure package) using a pre-paid taxi service. There is an office offering pre-paid taxi services at the airport. Please do not use outside taxies. Once participants make contact with GWC’s representative or in-country coordinator, they will then be transferred to GWC’s respective offices/hostel.