Travel Insurance


Unfortunately, GWC does not make any provision for insurance cover for its volunteers. Meanwhile, nothing stops interested volunteers from obtaining insurance cover during his or her stay against sickness, injury or any other unforeseen circumstances. This insurance just has to maintain its validity, particularly all the duration of the program. It is noteworthy to state that where prospective volunteers fail to acquire insurance policy, GWC cannot be responsible for the medical bill, accident of whatever in the course of the program. In addition, for avoidance of obvious risk, GWC reserve the exclusive right not to accept intending volunteers as a result of any health related issues.

In most cases, local medical facilities in under-developed countries are usually incapacitated to offer comprehensive medical services which are generally being provided in developed countries. This has been the reason why evacuation is made prerequisite in some non-life threatening medical emergencies. Indeed, the evacuation costs together with international standard care are almost unbearable. In extreme cases, travelers are unlikely to be made to append payment for the most suitable medical response which is highly needed. This usually hinders or delays the administration of very vital and potentially life-saving medical attention.

GWC has made it mandatory for all prospective volunteers to ensure that they seek insurance fully cover before they finally arrive for the program. This insurance in question needs to cover everything that has to do with loss of baggage, cancellation, curtailment of holiday, evacuation and repatriation, medical expenses as well as personal accident.

We strongly suggest that you take time to go through your whole insurance policy prior to your departure. Each volunteers is expected to send a set ahead 15 days prior to business days. The documents must comprise of insurance policy duplicate and other health related problems. As a matter of fact, we have the sole right to turn down the request for volunteering service where we observe errors or questionable issues with insurance policy.