Why join GWC in Tanzania

Tanzania is home to Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak and Mount Meru, a spectacular volcanic cone that are ideal for those looking for outdoor adventure. World-class coral reefs provide excellent diving, snorkeling and sailing opportunities. Tanzania has some world famous natural attractions. They include Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti National Park , and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Lesser known attractions but which are worth a visit are parks in the western and southern parts of the country, such as the Selous Game Reserve. You will witness wild animals roaming in the wild habitat including the elephants, chimpanzee and lions etc.

On the other side of the beautiful side of the country is a picture of suffering poor people coping with social evils like unemployment, lack of education, health care, deteriorating environment and acute poverty. GWC is initiating some very beneficial and learning projects for its volunteers to ease the evils affecting these poor and needy people. Volunteers belonging to diverse ethnic background will come forward and help the local staff in takings steps to eradicate poverty, unemployment, provide better health care, provide education and create awareness through long term sustainable programs. Volunteers will get to make new friends and share their learning and experiences with each other. At the end of every project, GWC helps arrange trips to different charming places for its volunteers. Tanzania is an ideal place for youngsters who want to work camp and venture out in the wilderness of luxurious natural beauty. The needy and poor people need your help, let’s join our hands and do our bit in making this a better place to live for these less privileged people.

11 Workcamps have been found in Tanzania based on your choices

Code, Date, Location & Type of Project:

Code Of Camps Start / End Date Camp Location Nature Of The Project Total Available Status  
GWC 1700T-TZ 10 Aug – 28 Aug  Meli moja-Zanzibar Teaching English Language 15 15 Open
GWC 1701T- TZ 10 Aug – 28 Aug Dodoma Town Sports and Musical events 15 15 Open
GWC 1702T- TZ 10 Sep – 28 Sep Iringa English & Adult Education 15 15 Open
GWC 1703T- TZ 10 Oct – 28 Oct Moshi-Kilimanjaro Class Room Construction 15 15 Open
GWC 1704T- TZ 10 Nov – 28 Nov Lindi rural HIV/Aids Awareness 15 15 Open
GWC 1705T- TZ 10 Dec – 28 Dec Kilosa Sports and Recreational Activities 15 15 Open
GWC 1706T- TZ 10 Mar – 28 Mar  Bagamoyo town Cultural and Arts 15 15 Open
GWC 1707T- TZ 10 Apr – 28 Apr Mwanza Environmental Protection 15 15 Open
GWC 1708T- TZ 10 May – 28 May Mwanza Tree Plantation at Lake Victoria 15 15 Open
GWC 1709T- TZ 10 Jun – 28 Jun Jambiani-Zanzibar Marine and Beach Conservation 15 15 Open
GWC 1710T- TZ 10 Jul – 28 Jul Lushoto Teaching English in Orphanage Center 15 15 Open

Special Note: Please note that if in case, your project is overbooked, or if we don’t have any spare or extra space in a particular workcamp project in which you are interested. You can make a request before the workcamp project starts, GWC will contact to our In-country coordinator to find a solution and try to make adjustments in order to give you a space in that very project, however, GWC will charge extra fees for this kind of arrangement