Projects Cost and Alloction


GWC is an organization and does not have any external source to fund its programs, hence all our programs solely depend upon our volunteers program fees. We do not charge this fee for the purpose of making any profit; rather we charge it to sustain our programs. We at GWC are committed to provide you with a fun filled volunteering activity program that is aimed to help you learn and gain exposure while contributing to the welfare of local community. Thus by charging affordable fee from volunteers, we hope to inspire dedicated volunteers like you to participate in our programs and make a positive difference in the lives of people in need.
Application Processing Fee: US $149 (Onetime fee payable at the time of submission of application).
Registration Fee: US $199 (Onetime fee payable at the time of submission of application or Registration).
Weekly Food & Accommodation fee: Pay directly to the projects and host families. Pay as low as $75 per week depending on the country of holidaying in.

Allocation of Application Processing Fee & Registration Fee

Note: In order to know where your program fees go, read carefully the below detailed allocation of all program fees

GWC charge US$ 99 to its participants before sending them to host country. GWC always puts the highest priority in selecting suitable projects and host families that matches our participants’ interests. The application processing fee used for recruitments, development and managements are listed below:

  • Regular communication with host country or organization to find out thoroughly researched and personalized projects according to participants needs
  • Regular communication with host country or organization to find out thoroughly researched and personalized projects according to participants needs
  • Advance payment for the host organizations to secure your project and host family, if not GWC will not be able to guarantee any confirmation of host family and project
  • Pre-departure booklet and standardized placement letter
  • Training for project staff members, host families, host country coordinators
  • 24/7 coordinator support
  • Miscellaneous expenses such as emergency support for volunteers

Allocation of Registration Fee: $199

Your program fee goes into the following sections

  • Program Development
  • Advertising
  • Administration cost
  • Field expenses
  • Miscellaneous Expense

To know how much of your program fee covers each section of your volunteer program, kindly view the following diagram:

The detailed description of each section is given below:

Program Development:

It includes visiting host country by our staff, conducting research on your desired project, selection of host families for you, recruiting local staff there in the host country, providing training to our in-country coordinator, project staff and host families to ensure you have a safe, rewarding and goal oriented volunteering experience with GWC.


Although advertising is often costly as expense, yet it is extremely useful to connect and attract interested volunteers to our programs. Without advertising there is very little chance that the volunteers get to know about our organization and the affordable quality programs that we offer. About 80% of our volunteers met with us through online advertising. However different costs involved in advertising includes:

  • Online advertising (Google, Yahoo, MSN)
  • Advertising in volunteer directories like GoAbroad.com, TechAbroad.com, and volunteerAbroad.com etc
  • Attending student fairs
  • Magazine advertising

Administration cost:

As our organization is non-profit, we hire our staff very carefully. We mostly select people who are committed to provide you with meaningful volunteer opportunities even at very low salaries. In addition to our staff salaries, this section also covers cost of office space, maintenance of national and international offices, utilities and office supplies.

Miscellaneous expense:

Few examples of this expense are given below:

  • Web maintenance (as high as $70 per hour)
  • Data Base management ($70 per hour)
  • Insurance of employees
  • International money wire fees
  • Bank fees
  • Accountant fees

What does the program Fee do not Include?

Following are some things that do not come in the ambit of your program fee (those expenses that are not covered by your program fee)

  • Food and accommodation while you are in the project
  • Airfare, Visa and Visa extension fee
  • Daily transportation (between project and host family – If required and not specified to be covered. Please view website for clarification.)
  • Return/transfer to airport, airport taxes
  • Any personal expenses
  • Mineral water and soft drinks
  • Gifts to project staffs and host family
  • Laundry, Telephone, Immunization

Discounts: All the fees mentioned above are towards actual costs. Discounts are offered to promote the program which is most needed in certain countries. Discounts help us and the local staff at the destination country in mobilizing volunteering services quickly to maximize the impact.

It has been put under various categories so that most of our volunteers are able to take advantage of it without compromising the volunteering experience. These categories are given below for a better understanding:

* Returning Discount: In an effort to recognize the continued service and support given by the volunteers we are currently offering a discount of ……. For our projects in ( name of countries)

* Student Discount: In order to appreciate the willingness to help and transform local community with their services, students are encouraged to apply frequently and gain the remarkable experience of International Volunteering. The applicable fee is ….. (Please provide us with a copy of your current student I.D. card and supporting document authenticating you being a student).

* Family and Group Discount: Those looking forward to get involved in volunteering as a family or a group of minimum 4 individuals, may avail a discount of $200 ($50 will be deducted from the processing fee of each applicant). Please contact the GWC coordinator to know more about additional discounts in case of bigger groups. GWC believes in encouraging groups of young volunteers so as to meet the increased demand at certain projects.

Note: Please note that volunteers are eligible to avail only one discount at a time and no two discounts can be combined.