Projects Cost and Alloction

  • What is a workcamp?

    A: Workcamp is a process through which a group of people voluntarily come forward with a common aim of helping the local community. At the GWC Projects workcamp, individuals come from different religious, ethnic and cultural background, who while staying together at a project under local conditions work towards the betterment of poor people. Volunteers enjoy an array of meaningful activities like prepare meal; create awareness among locals through interesting interactions and holidaying in spare time. It is a wonderful platform where volunteers can make and bond with new friends, exchange cultural thoughts and ideas learn new skills and gain meaningful experience.

  • What is the abbreviation for GWC?

    A: Global Workcamp.

  • How much time will it take for GWC to process my application?

    A: GWC normally takes 1-3 weeks to process your application; however, it mostly depends upon the host country and number of volunteers participating in workcamp with you.

  • What all documents are required at the time of applying?

    A: Kindly refer to our website to find out the documents required from you.

  • What skills and Qualifications do I need to have?

    A: For participating in our GWC program, you don’t need to have any specific qualification or prior experience. However, you need to be minimum 17 years and maximum 26 years of age. You must be open-minded, active, independent, and able to speak and understand medium level of English. You have to be patient, hardworking, imaginative and able to adjust in any kind of situations. Most of all, you must have a kind and willing heart to serve poor people of new culture and religion.

  • How long does a workcamp last for?

    A: The length of workcamp varies, but mostly it consists of 2-3 weeks.

  • Which type of work does GWC offer?

    A: Following types of work are offered by GWC:
    Physical work – includes work in environmental protection, turtle/elephant conservation, planting, building or reforestation etc.
    Social work – includes teaching, community development, healthcare/medical projects, and care programs for children, elderly & handicapped people.
    Work/study – here training, work and learning opportunities are incorporated.

  • How old shall I be to go on a workcamp?

    A: You need to be of minimum 17 years and maximum 26 years old to participate in our workcamp.

  • I am below 17 years old;Can I still participate in GWC?

    A: Yes, you can participate but you need to bring a permission letter from your parent/guardian. In such a case, you must contact us in advance, so that we can make all the necessary arrangements and send you all the necessary details.

  • How many members can participate in GWC?

    A: A group of 5-25 members can participate together at a time for same Project.

  • Can I go with my friend in GWC?

    A: Yes, you can. Please do inform us in advance. Kindly indicate this in our application form along with your friend’s name. Also ask your friend to do the same to make the process easier and smoother. This allows us to process both applications at the same time which in turn helps in increasing the chances of positive feedback.

  • Where, How and with Whom will I stay during the workcamp?

    A: You will be staying with either the host family, hostel or orphanages depending upon the type of project you have chosen. However, our staff member will be in close contact with you during the project to ensure that you are doing well. You will spend most of your time with your fellow volunteers, and you will be provided with the same accommodation and laundry facilities as that of the host family. Moreover, please do not expect luxurious accommodations during workcamp, as we want you to create a truly deep relationship with poor people by living in-house with the host family.

  • How can I contact my family members?

    A: Once you settle down with host family, you can communicate with your family through mobile or internet, whatever communication method is easily available locally.

  • How much money should I bring?

    A: As GWC is responsible towards managing your accommodation from the very first day to last day of your workcamp, you don’t need to bring large sums of money. However, we recommend you to just carry enough pocket money in case of unexpected & suddenexpenditures (Do not carry large sums of money with yourself).

  • Can I carry cash with me? Is it safe?

    A: Carrying excessive cash with you is not safe. Please do not make yourself a target of unsafe situations.

  • What are the main activities that I can do during my free time?

    A: During weekends and other free time, you can visit to explore different historical and ancient places whilst meeting with local people. You can also do parties etc with other participants and have fun in your free time.

  • What about my meal?

    A: You will be provided with local meals 3 times a day prepared by host family. However, if you want to have food from outside, you can go out to have meal at international restaurants. GWC does not reimburse your outdoor dining expenses. You need to pay for it from your own pocket.

  • How can I become a workcamp leader?

    A: If you want to become a GWC leader, you must have a positive attitude, lots of energy, good communication skills, an open mind, flexible attitude and an ability to motivate your team mates for good work. You must also be physically active, able to stand against critics and have the ability to speak and understand medium level of English.

  • What should I bring with myself?

    A: For work, you need to bring jeans, work shoes or boots, flash light and leather gloves etc. For everyday use, you need to bring a sleeping bag, comfortable shoes, socks, warm jacket, toiletries, sunscreen, sunglasses, and rain coat etc. You can also bring pictures of your friends & family, and postcards of your town to share with the unfortunate children and people. Moreover, you are more than welcome to bring musical instruments with yourself.

  • Will GWC arrange my flight to the Country?

    A: No, your flight going to your desired country is your responsibility. It will be up to you to make necessary arrangements regarding your transportation to the country.

  • How will I recognize the GWC country coordinator?

    A: The GWC country coordinator will be waiting for you at the “Arrival” gate. Please look for a person who is bearing both the Global Workcamp’s company logo and your name on a sign card. In case your contact person is not there yet, please contact the GWC office and we will immediately follow up on your contact persons’ whereabouts. Coordinators’ contact details are available in the pre-departure handbook

  • What should I do if my flight to my desired country is delayed?

    A: Immediately contact GWC so that we can make adjustments to your program. GWC will be responsible for creating the necessary changes in your program.

  • Can I bring electrical appliances?

    A: Yes, but please make sure to bring your own required adaptors.

  • What happens, if I am unhappy with my project or hosting facilities?

    A: Changes of placement and hosting facilities can be made only for very special reasons, but not before, the participant will be asked to try to adjust in the first placement. We kindly ask all participants to stay in their assigned placement for a minimum of 3 – 4 days before changing to a new placement. We consider that it is the minimum time required to adapt and contribute to a project.
    Please note that, we work very hard to try to place you in the project you are interested in, but we cannot fulfill everyone’s wishes. We always try to provide the best possibilities for our volunteers, but there is no guarantee that you get the project you have applied for as a first choice. Therefore we request all participants to make a minimum of 3 choices on their application form.

  • Can I participate in more than one camp?

    A: Yes, off course you can. In fact we encourage you to do so. You may sign up for up to three camps per season but be sure that you leave yourself with enough time to get from one to another. Arriving on time and staying for the whole camp is crucial and required for camp participation.

  • I need more informaiton, who should I contact?

    A: XYZ, our Program Coordinator who is coordinating this Projectcan be contacted at support@globalworkcamps.org

  • Ok, I’m ready; take me to the registration forms!

    A: Okay, please click here to Proceed.

  • What is included in the civil liability insurance?

    A: Volunteers are responsibility for civil liability insurance.

  • What is expected of me as a volunteer?

    A: Volunteers are more like the ambassadors, so please display high level of conduct and respect other culture by being adaptive during the workcamp. A briefin on code of ethics would be shared with you by GWC. For e.g shaking hands with women may not be acceptable.

  • What is the dress code for the volunteer?

    A: Kindly get more information about the country of your project and local customs. It would be appropriate dress up one like the locals or in dresses that is acceptable by the local community. In some cultures wearing shorts or short skirts are looked down upon.