Letters to Parents


Dear Parents,

First and foremost, the entire family of Global Work Camps sincerely expresses its strong appreciation for choosing to partner with our organization. We are specifically grateful for choosing our services thereby introducing your children to the tremendous and valuable world of volunteering.

We are not unaware that this will mark the beginning of turning point in their individual life. Your Children are now set to temporarily depart from your care and will now step out independently to explore unfamiliar environments, mingle with new people and also have new experiences about life. Having recognized the challenges involved, we wish to inform you that Global Work Camps Family will do everything possible within our capacity to ensure that your children will experience strong, valuable and safe trip.

Indeed, most of our program is specifically designed to stimulate the interests of your children, particularly those close to the college level. Again, we ensure you that they will eventually going beyond building bridged but they will as well develop confidence, character and experience that will make them stand out from the crowd. This is one of the best legacy you can ever give your children coupled with the fact that we shall impact them with the most suitable volunteer experience at the most affordable cost.

Furthermore, kindly be at peace because we shall be taken the safety and health of your children our top priority. Better still, we have taken every precautionary step to make sure that your children are well kept and preserved from risky and harmful events. In addition, be rest assure that our trained professionals have been delegated to always lead your children, particularly during the course of their volunteer placements locations. As regard resting and sleeping, we have concluded arrangement to place your child either with the host family or in a hotel. We, in Global Work Camps have carefully researched and screened all selected hosts in order to ensure that volunteers in their care are comfortable and secured. Also, we assure you that our entire selected hosts have basic understanding of English language; they are socially responsible, financially stable and have had initial hosting experience in the past. Despite this, we equally have our in-country representatives who are committed to check and see to the well being of your child living with the host. Alternatively, if you are not too convinced, you may choose that your child lodged in the nearby hotel for maximum safety and comfort.

Finally, you may also prefer that your child be placed together with co-volunteers while the program lasts. This makes your child more relaxed and free being in the midst of his or her colleagues, as they chat and share together.

In case you still have one or more reservation, we will be glad to hear from you either in writing or other means.

Yours Truly,

Global Work Camps www.smallaustralia.com