Health & Safety


As far as we are concerned in GWC, we are most preoccupied with sound health and safety of each volunteer every now and then. We are proud that majority of our volunteers usually testify that there hardly is any serious problem within them all through their stay and those minor recorded ones are traceable to volunteers failing to take preventive measures for healthy living. Please be informed that commonest health related problems in developing countries include: dental problems, alcohol abuse, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), minor injuries, skin infections, sinus infection, dental problems, headaches, diarrhea as well as cold. Fortunately, all these are highly preventable and controllable.

Ideally, most volunteers do complain of stomach, diarrhea or vomiting, particularly in developing countries. Many times, these issues are attributable to sudden change in diet, leading to stomach adjustments. Unfortunately, food poisoning seldom happen and accompany by messy, rapid and explosive symptoms. Major sickness does not happen often; hence, you are advised to seek medical attention if you notice such.

You are strongly advised to strictly keep iodine treated water, boiled water, filtered or bottled water but abstain from tap water. Please note that same is applicable to both drinking and brushing teeth. Obviously, safe drinking water is very common and affordable. Meanwhile, you must be sensitive about this because it has been discovered that some so called ‘drinking water’ is simply bottled and manually sealed tap water.

Better still, your host family may even get you freshly boiled water on your request. Also, you can possibly get treated water from the onsite taps within your volunteer sites. Most importantly, always remember to drink adequate water to cool down your body because the weather may severely hot sometimes.