Health & Hygienic


All volunteers are strongly advised to accept significant responsibility for their individual health. We at GWC suggests that you take standard approach for your health. Indeed, adequate safeguard is mandatory. As a matter of fact, hygienic condition in abroad is different from what is obtainable in your country. Hence, take note of the following:

  • Never drink the water you don’t know the source such as river, tap water and the rests.
  • Never use tap water for brushing teeth
  • Never use ice cubes produced from tap water
  • Strictly drink or use water earlier boiled or from sealed commercial bottles
  • Never drink or eat dairy products which have not been pasteurized
  • Never consume whatever was not peeled, fried or cooked
  • Never try to consume raw seafood, raw fish or raw meat.
  • Never eat foods which have not been properly and freshly cooked or are half cooked.
  • Take your time in eating meat, chicken and fish and potato salad in excess. Refrigerators are not too common in developing countries.

That you actually abide by this rule is not really a guarantee that you will have been total immune from diarrhea, but even if it happens, this may not exceed 3 days at most and it mild effect. In case you fall victim of diarrhea, ensure that you always drink adequate water from the sealed commercial bottles during this period and get away from spicy foods.