GWC Volunteer Online Application Process


To register with GWC (Global Workcamps), please fill out separate forms for each person signing up. A total of $349 (Application Processing ($149) and Registration ($199)) deposit is due with this application form. Make checks payable to: GWC. Send this form with deposit to the registrar of your trip.
Stage One: Choose your preferred country, Workcamp and Dates
Stage Two: Complete your personal details, emergency Contact details, & other additional info
Stage Three: Review application form for final submitting
Stage Four: Submit application along with USD$349 Registration fee
Stage Five: Kindly allow us 1-2 weeks for project & family final confirmation
Stage Seven: Onthe confirmation of project & family, pay the balance fee
Stage Eight: Prepare for travel & ticketing, Send flight info at least 2 weeks before
Stage Nine: Wait for pre-departures kits and other confirmation

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Note: If you want to be placed together with a friend/s, relative/s please let us knows their names.
If she/he is under the age of 18 please provide us a permission letter signed by a parent or legal guardian giving you consent to volunteer. 

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