GLOBAL WORKCAMPS Terms and Conditions


To all volunteers, please read carefully all information provided in the terms and conditions, including the website’s legal information before filling out the online application form. This is to protect the rights and interests of both parties before any volunteer work is carried out.

This contract is set up to clarify the undertakings of GLOBAL VOLUNTEER WORKCAMPS, a volunteer vacation tour operator and organization whose working address is: TAXES, USA

(Also referred to as us and we), and the volunteer participating in GLOBAL WORKCAMPS’ project placement(s) will hereby be known as (the “participant”).

The participant therefore agrees that by using services offered by www.globalworkcamps.com (the “website”), the participant signifies that he/she has read and accepted these terms of use of the legal contract of the GLOBAL WORKCAMPS Company.

All information provided on the website shall be taken as they are written. GLOBAL WORKCAMPS will not give any guarantee or warranty regarding the accuracy of given materials on the website. GLOBAL WORKCAMPS will not be held responsibility for any lack or misrepresentation of information on the website, nor will it claim responsibility for the accuracy or truth of the said information.

Legally binding contract

This is a legally binding contract. By signing and submitting an application, the participant, or a recognized proxy of such acknowledges the understanding and acceptance of the participant of all terms and conditions stipulated in this contract. GLOBAL WORKCAMPS reserves the right to change terms and conditions at the company’s discretion without prior notice to any participant. Should any portion of this legal document be deemed as unenforceable, it does not affect the rest of the document, and all other clauses will still be considered as legal and binding. This document can only be modified through written agreement, and in the presence of a legal governing body.

Release of Liability and Assumption of Risks

Once participant or group has signed this contract, they are considered as voluntarily participating in all programs and activities as assigned by GLOBAL WORKCAMPS.

Volunteer Disclaimer:

  • The participant acknowledges that all travel incurred before and during the program duration have inherent dangers and risks that the participant is exposed to, and could be harmed by. These harms and risks include, but are not limited to, Personal injuries, property damage, accidents, sickness, crime and encounters with wildlife, and other hazards that may be found in the host country.
  • The participant acknowledges that culinary, lodging and sanitary conditions may be below what the participant is accustomed to. The participant acknowledges that health and sanitary risks may be unavoidable, and know that disease and/or infection may result from unhealthy or unsanitary conditions.
  • The participant understands that GLOBAL WORKCAMPS has contracted with independent local organizations, local non-government organizations, outfitters, suppliers and sellers for the provision of certain aspects of the program, including, but not limited to, accommodations, food and excursions or activities (“Partners”), and that GLOBAL WORKCAMPS does not own or operate any of these partners, thus are not responsible for their actions, directly or indirectly. While GLOBAL WORKCAMPS has used its best efforts to select reliable and safe partners through extensive research and planning, GLOBAL WORKCAMPS is not responsible for any negligent or willful act or omission of a partner or other third party, and participant hereby releases GLOBAL WORKCAMPS from all claims arising out of, or related to, the willful or negligent acts or omissions of these partners. All legal complaints or cases will therefore by filed towards and against said partners.
  • The participant represents to GLOBAL WORKCAMPS, to the best of the participants’ knowledge; the participant is in good mental and physical health. Many GLOBAL WORKCAMPS volunteer programs require adequate mental and physical health, and the participant is voluntarily participating in the program, with complete knowledge of the risks and dangers involved. The participant expressly accepts and assumes all known and unknown risks on behalf of him/her. In exchange, and in consideration for participation in the program, the participant hereby releases GLOBAL WORKCAMPS and its employees, agents, volunteers, officers, directors and representatives (each, a “Release”) from any and all injuries, deaths, losses, liabilities, damages, claims, actions, suits and judgments whatsoever including costs, expenses and attorney fees (collectively, “Claims”) that the participant may have now or in the future, directly or indirectly, arising from, connected with or related to his/her participation in the program, whether caused by any Release or some other person or cause. The participant agrees to shoulder all costs, fees and expenses arising from such events as described, but not limited to those, above,
  • The participant agrees that there will be no legal obligations by GLOBAL WORKCAMPS towards their person, their children or heirs or to any family members for any untoward and unforeseen events that transpire during the volunteer program. The participant agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend each Release from and against any and all claims whatsoever that the Release may suffer arising from, connected with or related to his/her participation in the program, whether inside or outside of country

Use photos and feedback

Further, the participant hereby grant full permission to GLOBAL WORKCAMPS to use any photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, website images, recordings, comments the participant makes in questionnaires or letters or any other record of the program for purposes of commercial advertising, marketing or promotional literature without the need for further consent from the participant. GLOBAL WORKCAMPS also reserves the right to claim any profits arising from the use of said media and digital images as mentioned above by the company.

Arrival, flight and ground Transport

  • Participants are responsible for all traveling arrangements prior to arriving at the pre-arranged pick-up point. GLOBAL WORKCAMPS will not be held responsible for any traveling arrangements before the agreed pick-up point as specified in volunteer programs.
  • Participants must notify GLOBAL WORKCAMPS of their arrival date, location and time by e-mailing GLOBAL WORKCAMPS a copy of their travel itinerary at least 15 business days prior to their arrival in the host country of their project placement. Failure of submitting said itinerary may result in changes to the volunteer’s program schedule. Changes will be made at the discretion of GLOBAL WORKCAMPS.
  • The participant is responsible for arranging and paying for flights to and within his/her chosen country. The participant should not purchase his/her plane ticket until he/she receives a confirmation letter from GLOBAL WORKCAMPS with his/her specific dates in the invoice. The company will not refund any premature purchase of ticket by participant before the confirmation letter from GLOBAL WORKCAMPS.
  • Europa Volunteer Quest will supply all arrival and departure pickup, but all other transport expenses between host families, schools and project sites will be shouldered by the participant, unless otherwise specified by the website.

Food, Accommodation and Project Extension

Accommodation and food (in some locations) are provided by GLOBAL WORKCAMPS throughout the duration of the period stated in the invoice unless stated otherwise by the website or any literature provided by GLOBAL WORKCAMPS. Participants are responsible for all other personal expenses during their placement other than food, lodging and travel expenses specified within the programs.

Participants are required to understand all project costs. The eating and living facilities at the participant’s project location will be of a local standard, and may differ from what the participant is accustomed to in his/her home country. The participant may be required to share a bedroom and/or bathroom. The participant is expected to adapt to and show respect for local living conditions. Any significant unruly behavior from the participant can and will be used as grounds by GLOBAL WORKCAMPS to terminate volunteer program contract and participant will be asked to return to his or her home country. No refunds will be issued in such an event.

Once the program has ended, and the participant wishes to extend their stay, that can be arranged between the participant and GLOBAL WORKCAMPS. If participant wishes to extend their stay, they are required to contact GLOBAL WORKCAMPS at least a week before the end of the volunteer program duration to ensure a smooth transaction. All additional project placement fees associated with the extension of a participant’s project placement will be paid directly to GLOBAL WORKCAMPS.

Participant’s Insurance Coverage

GLOBAL WORKCAMPS does not cover insurance in their costs. It will be the participant’s responsibility to acquire insurance to cover instances of injury and sickness. The insurance must be valid from the participant’s program start date (“start date”) until the end of their project placement (“end date”) as stated in the invoice. Should participant have no insurance in place, GLOBAL WORKCAMPS will not be liable for any medical or health fees incurred by participant in the event of accident or sickness. GLOBAL WORKCAMPS also reserves the right to reject participants based on possible health-related issues.

A copy of the complete set of documents referring to participant’s insurance is required to me sent to GLOBAL WORKCAMPS at least 15 business days before the start of the project date. GLOBAL WORKCAMPS reserves the right to refuse the acceptance of a participant for any volunteer program should there be problems with the insurance presented.

  • Participant’s insurance is required to provide the following: $50,000 Health and Medical abroad
  • $500,000 Repatriation and emergency evacuation

Although cancellation insurance is not required, it is strongly recommended.

Transportation: Commutes between host family and Other Inclusions and Exclusions

  • Commute time may vary between project location and host family site.
  • Transportation to the project site is not included in the program fee as published on the website unless it is explicitly stated on the website. In the event of this, participants will be asked to shoulder said transportation fees.
  • Should the participant decide to use other facilities that serve food, there will be no refund for the meals included in the program that are not consumed. At While most activities and locations do not require additional fees, there may be some activities or excursions that will require participants to pay a fee to join, however these activities are not mandatory, and it will be the prerogative of the participant to join or not. Others may not fit into the participant’s daily schedule because of volunteer hours and commute times. Some locations may not offer activities, excursions and social activities.
  • Expenses of trips and excursions that are not part of program itineraries but are requested by participant and approved by GLOBAL WORKCAMPS will be shouldered completely by participant.

Airport Entry/Exit, Visa and other Documentations

  • It is the responsibility of the participant to obtain all necessary documentation to enter the country and travel to, from, and within the program. The participant will incur the documentation costs associated with obtaining these documents and the participant is aware that it may take several weeks in order to obtain these documents.
  • A tourist visa is issued upon entry into most countries to Americans, Canadians and most European countries. The participant is responsible for checking with the local consulate that is responsible for issuing Visas to ensure that the participant does not need to obtain a visa prior to arriving in his/her host country.
  • If participant plans on staying for more than the length of time as permitted on participant’s visa, GLOBAL WORKCAMPS covenants to use our best efforts to help the participant receive a visa extension. However, GLOBAL WORKCAMPS cannot be held responsible for being unable to help the participant receive a visa extension.
  • Participants are entirely responsible for obtaining a visa for the participant’s respective host country and for the costs associated with obtaining such a visa.
  • GLOBAL WORKCAMPS reserves the right to cancel a contract with a participant should evidence of falsified information on passport and/or visa be uncovered. No refund will be given, and GLOBAL WORKCAMPS will report said anomalies to the proper authorities.
  • GLOBAL WORKCAMPS will not be held responsible should any anomalies be found in participant passport and/or visa and criminal charges be brought against said participants.

Refund and Cancellation Policies:

Participants are required to pay all fees detailed on website.. Fees charged will be in accordance with fees quoted on the website at the time of a participant’s application. Fees can be changed without prior notice on the website, and it will be the participant’s responsibility to contact the GLOBAL WORKCAMPS company to verify the exact fees of their desired program.

Please refer to the private policy to find its details policies

Participants Obligation to Global Workcamps and its host organization

All participants who agree to use GLOBAL WORKCAMPS services hereby agree to obey the laws of their host country.

  • This forbids alcohol consumption by minors and the use of illegal drugs. The participant is expected to be courteous and respectful at all times, and abusive behavior will not be tolerated. GLOBAL WORKCAMPS reserves the right to expel any participant who is found to be in violation of host country laws. GLOBAL WORKCAMPS will act as final judge, and the decision will be final. Furthermore, any expenses incurred by the partner in terminating the program of a participant who violates the center’s policies will be the responsibility of the participant. This includes special transport costs. GLOBAL WORKCAMPS also reserves the right to expel any people with whom guilty participant is traveling with (i.e., group, family or friends) in the event that group is found to have prior knowledge and/or also participated in abusive behavior of participant.
  • Participants should comply with any reasonable requests made by the partner. Should there be any requests with which participants feel unable to comply with, participants are asked to forward such requests to GLOBAL WORKCAMPS.
  • Participants are not allowed to enter into any negotiations or other contractual arrangements during their placement. Violation of this clause will result in penalties and/or termination of volunteer program.
  • Participants are not allowed to take on any paid or voluntary work with institutions connected with GLOBAL WORKCAMPS unless agreed upon between GLOBAL WORKCAMPS, the institution and the participant.
  • Participants are responsible for any damage they or their guests cause to their accommodation, project placement and equipment loaned to them during their project placement. Participants will be required to pay in cash or in kind for any damage caused to host property and equipment.
  • Participants will dress appropriately for work and interviews. GLOBAL WORKCAMPS has a strict but reasonable dress policy and participants are expected to behave according to locally accepted behavior. Participants found to be in violation of this clause will be asked to change, or otherwise will not be allowed to be involved with the planned itinerary.
  • Participants must not have any connection with illegal activities or substances including illegal drugs.

Complaint management Procedure

Should participants wish to complain about their program details or any other issues about the volunteer program, all complaints must be written in email form and sent to the host country coordinator? Once sent, host country coordinator will be given up to a week to correct the situation. In the event that the participant cannot obtain satisfaction from the volunteer coordinator, the participant should submit a formal written complaint to the project coordinator and GLOBAL WORKCAMPS immediately by email (support@globalworkcamps.org). The GLOBAL WORKCAMPS team will do its best to resolve the problem as soon as possible. No complaint will be formally considered unless the above procedure is followed.

Termination of Project Placement

Should participant, for any reason whatsoever, terminate his or her volunteer program, GLOBAL WORKCAMPS will not be compelled to refund the project placement fee. GLOBAL WORKCAMPS may or may not return the fee, and the decision lies irrevocably with said company.

GLOBAL WORKCAMPS reserves the right to refuse further service to and hold any paid fees from any participants who violate their contract.



GLOBAL WORKCAMPS collects personal information from inquiry and online application forms in order to ensure a smoother and better quality program for you. Your privacy is very important to us, and you have our guarantee that all your information will be kept 100% private. All confidential information gathered from you will be kept private and secure. Occasionally, GLOBAL WORKCAMPS will send newsletters through email to update you regarding upcoming events and promotions. You can easily unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking a link.

Cancellation and Refund Policy applicable to both volunteer and travel program

Refund Policy and Considerations – GLOBAL WORKCAMPS offered programs will cost you far less than other programs from other companies that will offer you the same itineraries and program quality. Interested parties are encouraged to compare our fees with other companies and see for yourself. As a consequence, GLOBAL WORKCAMPS operates on a much smaller profit margin and is therefore unable to provide and does not provide an open refund policy. Each participant is asked to weigh whether our services are worth our price, and decide for himself or herself if they can get quality service for their money. GLOBAL WORKCAMPS commits significant resources to arranging each Placement and Project. In most Host Countries, payments to Volunteer/Travel Coordinators, Country Coordinators, Project Staffs and/or the Host Families are made well in advance to pay for their commitments and services. GLOBAL WORKCAMPS is unable to recover these advance payments so GLOBAL WORKCAMPS is required to adopt and enforce a strict policy against refunds, except as otherwise specifically provided in subsection 5.2 below.

Cancellation 60 More Days from Start of Project – Should you decide to cancel your trip, for whatever reason, at more than 60 days before the start of the program, you will be refunded 70% ( For example equal to US$105) of your original $150 weekly placement fee?

Cancellation 60 less Days from Start of Project – Should you decide to cancel your trip, for whatever reason, at less than 60 days before the start of the program, you will be refunded 60% (For example equal to US$90) of your original $150 wee placement fee.

Cancellation 30 less Days from Start of Project – Should you decide to cancel your trip, for whatever reason, at less than 30 days before the start of the program, you will be refunded 50% (For example equal to US$75 of your original $150 placement fee.

Cancellation 15 less Days from Start of Project – Should you decide to cancel your trip, for whatever reason, at less than 15 days before the start of the program, you will be refunded 25% (For Example equal to $37.50) of your original $150 placement fee.

Cancellation On or After Start of Project Period – Should you decide to cancel your trip, for whatever reason, the day of the start of the program, or after the program has begun, you will not be refunded any part of your placement fee.

Cancellation of Project by Global Volunteer Solution – Should program be cancelled by GLOBAL WORKCAMPS before the start of the program for any reason, the full amount of your placement fee will be refunded expect registration and application to you. Should the program be cancelled in the middle of its duration for any reason outside of participant control, GLOBAL WORKCAMPS will refund fees based on the remaining days in your program. Please refer to the website to find out fees attached to each program.

Cancellation of English Teaching Project – If either GLOBAL WORKCAMPS or the Applicant in the paid teaching program in China or Thailand cancels the teaching Project after the start of the Project Period for any reason, no refund whatsoever will be made to Applicant since there are no weekly fees in these two teaching programs.

Payment of Refunds – All payable refunds to you by GLOBAL WORKCAMPS will be made ninety (90) days from date of cancellation of program.

Credit Card Security

If you choose to use your credit card, please be assured that GLOBAL WORKCAMPS has taken all possible precaution to ensure system security and privacy. Customers who buy through the GLOBAL WORKCAMPS Volunteer & Travel online system are shopping on a secure server, which encrypts all of the customer’s personal information including name, address and credit card number. Encryption ensures that no one can access or use personal information in an unauthorized manner. Our commerce system was developed in-house with security as its number one priority. This single entry point allows to maintain the tightest access control – eliminating (rather than closing) the backdoor. GLOBAL WORKCAMPS has made an investment in protecting our clients’ and customers’ information utilizing the following technologies:

Web Information

Information on the GLOBAL WORKCAMPS website is generic, and program location, geography and culture may not be exactly the same. Countries may vary in nature from what is written on the website, and it is the responsibility of the participant to research information about the host country on their own. The nature of these programs varies from location to location. Therefore, GLOBAL WORKCAMPS does not guarantee complete accuracy of the information contained on the website. Volunteers agree to further verify all information prior to departure

SSL (Secure Socket Layers)

Because we accept sensitive information from end-users such as passwords and credit card numbers, Asia Horizon’s site uses SSL. This logic encrypts the data being sent to the server from the browser using high-level encryption technology. Once the data is received from customers on the GLOBAL WORKCAMPS Network, it may be required that the data be maintained for a certain period of time inside our private network. Encrypting the data means it cannot be viewed in plain text.

Return Policy

GLOBAL WORKCAMPS doesn’t have any return policy.

Shipping Policy

GLOBAL WORKCAMPS doesn’t have any shipping policy.