Benefits to volunteers


Work camps can basically defined as the 7-day mission trips which comprises of individuals from various backgrounds arrive to work as a team and exchange ideas just for one single goal, that is to improve the lives of dying communities. Meanwhile, it is no gainsaying that volunteering workcamp is not only rewarding to the local communities, it also adds valuable impacts to the volunteers. That is to say, even the volunteers are positively affected in the following ways:

  • Different approach to traveling: It is possible you have travelled distances for historical and cultural adventure or consume specific ethnic foods and drink. This question is: how impacting are these travels on your life and experience? Coming for volunteering service in GWC gives you an avenue for remarkable and wonderful trip because you will definitely add value to the lives of the poor. In addition to this, our prospective volunteers have luxury of time to fully explore the nation, so that you can share your memorable experience with new friends in camp.
  • It gives more cultural understanding: You will inevitably learn and appreciate new cultures because you are mixed up with different group of people from different parts of the world. While in workcamp, every participating volunteers and local members are living just like one large family. This implies that you will enjoy the support and cooperation of your workcamp family.
  • Self Satisfaction or fulfillment: It is always a rewarding experience when you spend time with the less privilege and see how you have improved their lives. Being with GWC as volunteer is the channel for achieving these. The satisfaction you will get here can hardly be experienced doing any other task.
  • It is a plus point for your resume: Your resume is added more value just by mentioning volunteer experience in it. This is because majority of employer are actually looking for a dynamic, dedicated, and selfless candidates with interpersonal skills.
  • Expand your friendship circle: It may interest you to know that workcamp is the collections of various individuals who come from every part of the world. As a result, you are sure of finding individuals who have common interest as you and thus can develop solid friendship which may last for a lifetime.
  • Career Development: Your participation in work camp under GWC can also be essential for your career development. There are many projects already designed by us which you may find interesting. Some of these include: creative workshops, environmental conservation, HIV awareness programs, orphanage work, teaching and a lot more. Indeed, many have used these opportunities to decide their professional objectives which they initially found difficult to do. Better still, you are sure of gaining tremendous practical experience in Workcamp project which may never be possible in any school.
  • Learn new skills: The experience awaiting you as volunteers in workcamp is rich beyond your wildest imagination. Apart from learning new language and culture, it is also an avenue to explore your hidden attributes in another dimension under different environments.