Become a Partner


It is interesting to say that all interested local organizations can always partners with us in any area such as health, environmental and educational services. GWC is offering an ideal platform whereby our partners can easily raise fund, recruit volunteers as well as connecting to the classrooms globally.

We gladly accept interested organizations worldwide who apply to team up with our dynamic and large network of Partners. It is noteworthy to state that those small projects with regular internet access and real desire for volunteers are given added advantage by GWC. Meanwhile, every approved Partnership application is an indication that the intending organizations are sure of using their membership within our network. This will undoubtedly afford them the golden opportunity to develop their online presence, exchange stories and resources, and finally seek support from volunteers and donors. As at the time of preparing this report, more than 45 organizations are already partnering with us.

  • All the NGOs which are participating in community development project must present their project proposal to GWC and these must comprise of following details, at least:

Short History of the NGO to include:

  • The name, Reg. Number and Registration Address.
  • Names of the Principal Officers and short profile of such individuals.
  • The major goal or mission of the organization
  • Functions and accomplishments so far.
  • The goal of the existing year.

Intent of the NGO:

  • Reasons behind the establishment of partnership with GWC
  • The exact support such NGO is expecting from GWC

Project Plan:

Here, it explains everything that has to do with the project the NGO is asking for support from GWC. At least, the following details are expected to feature in the project plan.

  • The name of the project
  • The location where such project will be carried out
  • Annual rough estimate of the project
  • Ways by which the immediate community will derive benefit from the project
  • Who is monitoring the project and how regular?
  • Who is the project accountant?
  • The summary and the conclusion of the plan.