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Global Workcamps is a non-profit organization that connects short term volunteers to local non-profit organizations and agencies that are in need of amateur volunteers. Our organization is born out with a vision to support the poor communities by mobilizing our volunteers in different sectors of the social strata and thus promoting peace, harmony and warmth. GWC is looking forward to partner with local organizations and individuals with a philanthropic outlook to help less privileged people and poor communities. GWC is without any geo-territorial restrictions andnot connected with any religious organizations or government agencies but works in collaboration with local NGOs to give them a helping hand to make this world a better place to live in.

Our mission is to develop an organized rapport with international volunteers and local volunteers with a common objective. By partnering with GWC, you will receive international volunteers from all around the world. It is our policy to meet with the expenses of volunteers who work and stay under your organization.

Those looking forward to make a difference in the lives of these hapless people are welcome to join hands with GWC and make it a reality. Write to us at: info@globalworkcamps.org or at: contact@globalworkcamps.org and let us help you get started by making a meaningful impact in your community today.

Steps to become local partner with Global Workcamps

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