10 Amazing reasons to choose GWC


Volunteering with GWC is truly rewarding and is a road to achievement. The carefully crafted GWC program lets the volunteers unwind and relax in the beautiful “never seen before” locales in different parts of the world. Volunteers can experience the thrill and fun of adventure tourism after a holidaying experience lasting for two to three weeks. At the end of the holidaying experience volunteers bring home memories of a lifetime and a sense of pride that comes with the transformation of a life ( like that of a child, suffering adults and young, Agonized HIV positive people, women in distress and the handicapped). Following are the Top ten reasons to take up Volunteering while you embark upon Holidaying:

  • Volunteering when Holidaying is pure Fun:

    Volunteering involves being amidst the local community with bad or not so good infrastructure and all the hard work involved could be stressful. With the option of holidaying young volunteers get to see new places and soak self in an array of fun activities including sports, trekking, mountaineering, wild life, bird watching, water sports etc. Go ahead and have a responsible way of Holidaying and bring home memories!

  • Travel for a Cause, Transform Community in need & be an Enlightened Civilian:

    When youtravel with a purpose of bringing cheers in the life of those unfortunate people you tend to spread the need of being a responsible civilian. Your willingness will motivate fellow citizens to come forward and do their bit in making this world a better place to live in.

  • Gain Valuable Work Experience:

    While you work for the community applying your own skills you tend to pick up new skills through fellow volunteers and local participants. The whole experience will bring out your hidden skills on the surface. It hones your leadership skills and brings out the compassionate you in a professional manner.

  • Explore Career & Add to your Resume:

    Interacting with people from all walks of life gain you exposure and enhances your confidence. It lets you get noticed and develop connections besides networking. You are able to identify your quest and understand what you really want to be in life after the life altering experience called Volunteering. Volunteering experience gives a new meaning and adds value to your resume.

  • Meet New People and enjoy a new way of real Networking & Friendship:

    In the age of Face Book and Twitter where people get connected in a virtual world that is un dependable you get to interact with real people of similar age coming from ethnic background. Learn and share opinions and ideas while you discover new culturessans any geo territorial restrictions. Similar experience of bringing joy in poor people’s life will bring you closer paving way to new friendship, a relationship with a meaning.

  • Volunteering Impacts all aspects of Life:

    Those with volunteering experience are more sought after than their counterparts with none. Whether you are an applicant at a new job or are seeking admission in a collage, your volunteering experiences stands out and lead you to success. No matter what fields you choose it adds to your working personality and reflects the beauty in your personal life.

  • Beat Stress & Earn Dignity:

    Helping others in need is known to boost your inner confidence, brings lot of positivity in life and is known to reduce stress. Each moment spent with the less privileged adds a new meaning to your existence and ensures you a dignified life.

  • Reinvent Yourself:

    The volunteering experience puts you through new encounters and cultural exposures which bring out the best in you. The experience will bring the hidden facts about you that even you have been unaware of. It is all about reinventing your own self in a philanthropic way!

  • Relay the power Transformation to next generation:

    With an active volunteering participation you are able to spread the importance of helping others and setting up a meaningful example to younger generation.

  • Be a Role Model amp; Make a Difference:

    Being a volunteer is a self-less act of philanthropy at its best. By doing so you are encouraging others to come forward and help fellow beings who are not as fortunate as their counterparts in the other parts of the world. With not so much resources available at hand to deal with community issues, Volunteers are deemed to be the biggest resource aimed at transforming an individual, a community, a society and a nation. Be the role model & make a positive Impact!