What we do


As a non-profitable and non- political organization, GWC is determined to make the world a habitable place to live for everyone by working round the clock in search of solutions. We have network of several local organizations as we keep trying to enhance the living condition of the less privileged by bringing together teenagers and youths from all over the world under the umbrella of GWC. Hence, we have packaged very exciting and life-changing programs for our energetic and young volunteers under 3 weeks. We strongly believe in the zeal and creativity of these youth volunteers who have selflessly impacting their host communities positively. As a matter of fact, some of the areas they have created significant impacts include: wild life and environment conservation, HIV/AIDS suffering programs, education, old age homes and orphanage homes, just to mention but a few. As far as GWC is concerned, volunteers are simply the real champions of transformation.