Apart from the fact that there is peculiarities in each circumstance, the basic requirements for visa issuance differs from one country to another based on your nationality and the country you intend to go. Most of the countries we run programs demand that immigrant or international volunteers can only enter the country via visa or tourist permit. Tanzania, for instance, asks for special volunteer work permit in addition to general tourist permit. Meanwhile, the prerequisites, processing fees and restrictions largely vary according to the nationality of individual volunteer. As a result, individual volunteer assumes the responsibility of planning and processing his or her visa or tourist permit. It is strongly recommended that each volunteer gets his or her basic visa before departing to their host countries in order to avoid any problem at the airport while traveling. The best place you can obtain direct and reliable information concerning guideline for visa issuance is the embassy or consulate closest to the home country of the volunteer.

The documents required by almost all these countries include:

  • Your volunteer’s application form ( obtainable online)
  • Your most recent passport not older than 6 months.
  • 2 recent passport photographs
  • Visa fee as applicable payable( varies from country to country)

Better still; reach out to GWC team for more information on the actual place to obtain information needed.