Why join GWC in Uganda

Uganda the Pearl of Africa, is a blessed country with incredible natural view and a rich medley of tribes and cultures. Traveling through Uganda, the visitors will be enthralled by its beauty, safety and easy accessibility. The easiness of Ugandans and the country’s landscape are outstanding. It is one of the most tempting nations in Africa. Ecologically, Uganda is where the East African savannah meets the West African jungle. You have a host of activities to choose from. You will get to observe majestic lions prowling in the open plains, see the chimpanzees in the forest area, experience the tropical channels teeming with hippos and deadly crocodiles, and enjoy the serene beauty of Mt. Gorillas, besides you can go canoeing, enjoy bird watching and water rafting and much more. Among the known attractions are Kasubi Royal Tombs, Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru Caves, Nyero Rock Paintings, Baker’s Fort, Bigo bya Mugenyi, Mparo Tombs, Ssezibwa falls, Murchison Falls , Semliki National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Kibale Forest National Park, and Mount Elgon National Park. On the other side of the beauty is the struggle of survival put up by its people. The issue that poor people are left to deal with is HIV/AIDS and includes most common ailments like prenatal and maternal conditions, malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea. Other major issues are gender in equality, rising number of orphans resulting from HIV/AIDS and unemployment.

In order to help the local poor people of Uganda cope with above issues GWC has initiated some very effective and learning projects implemented through its young and energetic volunteers. We believe in the power and energy of youth who is capable of bringing in the much needed change. Every volunteer will be working in teams with other international volunteers, who will be from different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. Volunteers may help build school in remote villages or take part in environmental education or provide an English-based educational resource for the needy. If you have a yearning to help needy poor people, promote sustainable advancement, and conserve wildlife and wild lands in Uganda, if you would like to be involved in creating a brighter future for the country and their amazing plants, animals, and ecosystems, then you must join hands with GWC. After every work camping project, GWC can arrange different trips for its volunteers who would love to
work camp, travel and explore beautiful sites of Uganda. Join GWC and help transform a suffering life to a better living!

16 Workcamps have been found in Uganda based on your choices

Code, Date, Location & Type of Project:

Code Of Camps Start / End Date Camp Duration Camp Location Nature Of The Project Total Available Status  
GWC – UG – 6600 12 Apr – 02 May 2 Weeks NAMUNGOONA –
Support Orphans 15 15 Open
GWC – UG – 6601 10 May – 30 May 2 Weeks KIKOOBA KIBOGA
Health Care and Construction 15 15 Open
GWC – UG – 6602 07 Jun – 27 Jun 2 Weeks KAWEMPE DIVISION –
Sanitation and Health Care 15 15 Open
GWC – UG – 6603 05 Jul – 25 Jul 2 Weeks BUKOMERO – KIBOGA
Sanitation and Construction 15 15 Open
GWC – UG – 6604 04 Aug – 24 Aug 2 Weeks NANSANA – WAKISO
Construction & Support 15 15 Open
GWC – UG – 6605 04 Aug – 24 Aug 2 Weeks BUKOMERO – KIBOGA
Environmental Protection 15 15 Open
GWC – UG – 6606 04 Oct – 15 Oct 2 Weeks PAKWACH – PAKWACH DISTRICT Renovation and Training 15 15 Open
GWC – UG – 6607 08 Nov – 28 Nov 2 Weeks LUWERO – LUWERO
HIV/Aids and Sports Activities 15 15 Open
GWC – UG – 6608 29 Nov – 19 Dec 2 Weeks BUKOMERO – KIBOGA
Construction of Youth Center 15 15 Open
GWC – UG – 6609 05 Jan – 25 Jan 2 Weeks BASAJJANSOLO
Child Support and Sports 15 15 Open
GWC – UG – 6610 01 – 15 (Every Month) 2 Weeks Kawempe, Jinja, Wakiso, Lake Bunyonyi Teaching English Language 10 10 Open
GWC – UG – 6611 01 – 15 (Every month) 2 Weeks Kawempe, Jinja Child Care and Support 10 10 Open
GWC – UG – 6612 01 – 15 (Every month) 2 Weeks Kawempe, Wakiso , Jinja Vocational Training 10 10 Open
GWC – UG – 6613 10 – 25 (Every month) 2 Weeks Kawempe, Lake Bunyonyi Health care and Awareness 10 10 Open
GWC – UG – 6614 10 – 25 (Every month) 2 Weeks Kawempe Health Education 10 10 Open
GWC – UG – 6615 10 – 25 (Every month) 2 Weeks Kawempe, Jinja Environmental Conservation 10 10 Open

Special Note: Please note that if in case, your project is overbooked, or if we don’t have any spare or extra space in a particular workcamp project in which you are interested. You can make a request before the workcamp project starts, GWC will contact to our In-country coordinator to find a solution and try to make adjustments in order to give you a space in that very project, however, GWC will charge extra fees for this kind of arrangement