Why join GWC in Thailand

No matter what background you come from or the varied interest you may have, Thailand is one such beautiful country which offers you with the best of diving, hiking, climbing, water sports at beaches, fabulous shopping experience, amazing local Thai cuisine or rich experience of simply mingling with the local Thai crowd. For years Thailand has remained the dream destination for millions around the globe for the warm sunlight and shiny vacation it offers. This is a land of diverse and mystical landscapes, rich culture, tradition and warm friendly people make it unique among Far East countries. Beautifully blended modern technology with traditional living with high sky scrapers, temples, museums, Buddha temples, night life and a pinch of everything else makes it even more appealing and is value for your money. Whether you are an adventure seeker or a leisure holiday maker you are sure to have fun, more fun and just fun. To venture out on a life time experience get in touch with GWC and explore the beautiful land of Thailand.
While you explore the land that is full of surprises and fun activities that makes it an experience of a lifetime will also help you transform lives. Through the carefully crafted projects of GWC Volunteer Program, you will get exposed to the various problems the local impoverished community faces, something you could have never even imagined before. You will help community address issues concerning orphans, hunger, poverty, young women and children who are victims of human trafficking and more. As a GWC volunteer you will interact with the community and learn more about their incredible traditions and amazing culture this country is bestowed with. This will be a very good learning and morally fulfilling experience for the volunteers who will get to make friends with other co participants with whom they will get to share ideas and views. GWC will assist volunteers take a break from the humble work and explore the beauty that this country has to offer. The Young has the power to change lives and we at GWC simply facilitate it. Do join hands with Global Work Camps as the poor and needy people need caring and compassionate volunteers like you to help them move forward to a life of humane dignity.

5 Workcamps have been found in Thailand based on your choices

Code, Date, Location & Type of Project:

Code Of Camps Start / End Date Camp Duration Camp Location Nature Of The Project Total Available Status  
GWC 9200-TH 17 Jan – 30 Jan 2 Weeks Klonghoikhong, Songkhla Teaching English 15 15 Open
GWC 9201-TH 14 Feb – 27 Feb 2 Weeks Klonghoikhong, Songkhla Agricultural support 15 15 Open
GWC 9202-TH 14 Mar – 27 Mar 2 Weeks Klonghoikhong, Songkhla Renovation and Constructional Activities 15 15 Open
GWC 9203-TH 16 May – 29 May 2 Weeks Klonghoikhong, Songkhla/ Pattalung Social Support or Nursing Assistant 15 15 Open
GWC 9204-TH 8 Aug – 21 Aug 2 Weeks Klonghoikhong, Songkhla Environmental Conservation 15 15 Open

Special Note: Please note that if in case, your project is overbooked, or if we don’t have any spare or extra space in a particular workcamp project in which you are interested. You can make a request before the workcamp project starts, GWC will contact to our In-country coordinator to find a solution and try to make adjustments in order to give you a space in that very project, however, GWC will charge extra fees for this kind of arrangement.