Why join GWC in Taiwan

It is indeed a fabulous opportunity for youngsters to explore a beautiful county like Taiwan through GWC. Youngsters could use this opportunity to meet and greet with hospitable people and make good friendship not only with the inhabitants in the country but also with people from other parts of the world too. The main aim of this camp is to provide opportunity to interact with the poor people and to do something so as to improve their livelihood. The best part of the camp is that whenever you are not working you could conduct parties with your fellow volunteers. Taiwan known for its beautiful temples, pagodas, hot springs and magnificent lakes makes this a very attractive tourist location, so exploring Taiwan is always an option.

Some of the important tourist’s spots that one does not want to miss while in Taiwan are National Palace Museum, Taipei, Chunghsing Pagodas, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, and Eternal Spring Shrine etc. The country is known for its towering mountains and indeed some of them over a few thousand feet. Besides these towering mountains it has also got very scenic coastal regions to add to its natural beauty. It has got beautiful climate round the year and is blessed with sunshine and tropical touch. The increasing tourism towards Taiwan is mainly due to the friendly and the hospitable nature of the people in this country. As a result more and more people are visiting this country so as to explore its beauty. This program allows you to work and live with foreign volunteers and the inhabitants just like a second family. Don’t forget that our main aim is to help the needy and the poor and the outcome what we expect from this camp is make some changes in the lives of the poor people and help them have a better tomorrow.

12 Workcamps have been found in Taiwan based on your choices

Code, Date, Location & Type of Project:

Code Of Camps Start / End Date Camp Location Nature Of The Project Total Available Status  
GWC-TWN 11-6 01 Aug – 13 Aug Taishi, Yun_Lin County Taisi Painting and Construction
14 14 Open
GWC-TWN 11-7 17 Jul – 31 Jul Taichung City Work in Fuhe Elder Care Project ( Elde/Car/Soci) 14 14 Open
GWC-TWN 11-8 07 Aug – 21 Aug Sishih Village/Changhu country Magic Broom-Sishih (CULT/ELD/SOCIAL/ CONS) 14 14 Open
GWC-TWN 11-9 20 Jul – 03 Aug Linbian Township/Ping-tung County Assist in Linbian Vigor Show Festival
14 14 Open
GWC-TWN 11-10 14 Aug – 28 Aug Changhu Country Work in Daqiao Elder Care (ELDE/CONS/SOCIAL) 14 14 Open
GWC-TWN 11-11 17 Jul – 30 Jul Penhu Island Volunteer in Penghu Children Centre (Kids/Cult/Social) 14 14 Open
GWC-TWN 11-12 25 Jul – 05 Aug I-Lan City I-lan children Center (Kids/Cult/Social) 14 14 Open
GWC-TWN 11-13 16 Aug – 30 Aug Tai-chung City Tai-chung children Center (Kids/Cult/Social) 14 14 Open
GWC-TWN 11-14 08 Aug – 19 Aug Yun-Lin County Yun-Lin children Center (Kids/Cult/Social) 14 14 Open
GWC-TWN 11-15 08 Aug – 19 Aug Taiwu, Pingtung Taiwu children Center
14 14 Open
GWC-TWN 11-16 31 Jul – 13 Aug Siluo Township of Yun-lin County Repair, paint, in Louyoung elegant houses
14 14 Open
GWC-TWN 11-17 27 Jun – 10 Aug Taipei, Taiwan Eden Social welfare project (Kids/EDU/AGRI/SOCIAL) 14 14 Open

Special Note: Your work starts after breakfast and your working time is usually composed of 4-6 hours per day. However if you are willing to work more, you are heartily welcome by us. Typical working time starts around 8:30 to 11 in morning and around 1:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon. During working hours, you will have break time for lunch and a cup of tea. We encourage you to work closely with the project staff so that you can easily adjust in the new environment.