Our Commitments


As far as price, quality, volunteering atmosphere and other services are concerned, GWC is committed more than ever before to offer its best. Our word of assurance to our respective volunteers is that their volunteering experience with GWC is simply going to be impactful, skillful, priceless, momentous and remarkable. It may interest you that some of the things that you are most likely to experience and achieve via our programs are as follow:

  • It gives you your long awaited opportunity to add value and enhance the lives of the needy and the poor as you are rendering services to the rural women groups, the disables, the less privileged and the orphans.
  • You contribute significantly to the volunteer abroad opportunities; experience the caring host family, exciting field support of a local in-country coordinator as well as professional member of personnel’s.
  • It offers you wonderful opportunity to travel, be a part of the multi-cultural learning, be one of the interesting excursions even as you learn and earn via our paid English teaching placements.Be
  • GWC program goes beyond just easy placements in volunteer projects. It is noteworthy to say that our every single program essentially comprises of volunteering abroad, multi-cultural experiences, travelling coupled with cultural immersion.
  • GWC lends its full support to all of its volunteers during their stay. We appoint some delegated staff to visit from time to time while we work round the clock to respond to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Our volunteers are living and working in the villages, get immersed with village life, local culture and customs and acquire lifetime and evergreen experiences which are incomparable with the tourists and travelers.
  • At GWC, there is volunteering opportunity programs for the entire year which make it possible for you to volunteer for 2 to 12 weeks to 4 wonderful continents like Latin America, Asia, Africa and the rests
  • Our program fees in GWC are between 60%-80% reduction when compared to other volunteer organizations out there.
  • In GWC, we are fully subscribed to the best professional services and outstanding program standards, yet we never compromise the quality of our programs.
  • GWC is ever committed to maximum safety, dynamism, transparency, best quality and high standard professionalism in all our programs.

Our assumption is that when we made our volunteers comfortable, happy and satisfied with their experiences with us and our programs, we are bound to experience natural and sporadic growth in our programs.