Why join GWC in Kenya

No other country on planet can present the visitor as much to see and do the way Kenya does. Some of the enchanting and mesmerizing tourist attractions include Gedi Ruins, Haller Park, Karen Blixen Museum, Nairobi Ntional Museum, Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, Giraffe Center and Fort Jesus. Lakes like Nakuru and Lake Bogoria where you will witness the calm and captivating power of lake coupled with thousands of flamingos flocking the shore is a sight to sweep you off your feet. Where else can you witness the virgin beauty of lakes and feel the power of mighty mountains, bathe in the sunshine of the Savannahs and the exciting wildlife. Despite the freshly painted like beauty it oozes, the country is struggling to cope with many social evils including Corruption, Unemployment, Alcoholism, Gender inequality, Rising number of HIV/AIDS and resulting orphans, lack of educational and healthcare facilities and the sight of extreme hunger and poverty will move you to tears. The Government is not equipped enough to manage the situation that just keeps on aggravating with each passing day.

In order to help the authority and local community deal with the issues GWC has formulated some very effective and learning projects for its volunteers. We believe youth has the fire and power to bring in the much needed change. Every volunteer will be working in teams with other international volunteers, who will be from different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. Volunteers may help build school in remote villages or take part in environmental education or provide an English-based educational resource for the needy. If you have a yearning to help needy poor people, promote sustainable advancement, and conserve wildlife and wild lands in Kenya, if you would like to be involved in creating a brighter future for the country and their amazing plants, animals, and ecosystems, then you must join hands with GWC. After every work camping project, GWC can arrange different trips for its volunteers who would love to work camp, travel and explore beautiful sites of Kenya. Join GWC and help transform one life at a time!

25 Workcamps have been found in Kenya based on your choices

Code, Date, Location & Type of Project:

Code Of Camps Start / End Date Camp Duration Camp Location Nature Of The Project Total Available Status  
GWC 0100-KE 03 Jun – 23 Jun 3 Weeks Mbita Community Development 15 15 Open
GWC 0101-KE 10 Jul – 28 Jul 3 Weeks Ahero Ahero Community Development 15 15 Open
GWC 0102-KE 13 Jul – 31 Jul 3 Weeks Kakamega Community Development 15 15 Open
GWC 0103-KE 07 Aug – 25 Aug 3 Weeks Emuhaya District HIV/Aids Awareness 15 15 Open
GWC 0104-KE 04 Sep – 22 Sep 3 Weeks Diani Teaching in School 15 15 Open
GWC 0105-KE 09 Sep – 27 Oct 3 Weeks Nyakach Social and Welfare 15 15 Open
GWC 0106-KE 06 Nov – 24 Nov 3 Weeks Kisumu Women Empowerment and Orphanage Assistance 15 15 Open
GWC 0107-KE 27 Nov – 15 Dec 3 Weeks Emuhaya Youth Mobilization and Awareness 15 15 Open
GWC 0400K- KE Jan 04 – Jan 26 3 Weeks Gede, Malindi, Wetamu, Coast Health Care Center and Awareness 10 10 Open
GWC 0401K- KE Feb 04 – Feb 26 3 Weeks Narok Central Division, Narok District- Rifty Valley Province Community Development 10 10 Open
GWC 0402K- KE Mar 05 – Mar 26 3 Weeks Magarini – Malindi Mombasa Community Health Care 10 10 Open
GWC 0403K- KE April 02 – April 24 3 Weeks Lamuria Division, Laikipia Central District Tree Plantation & Awareness 10 10 Open
GWC 0404K- KE May 04 – May 24 3 Weeks Ntilele, Narok District, Rift Valley Province Education and Rehabilitation 10 10 Open
GWC 0405K- KE June 06 – June 27 3 Weeks Sinyerere Location, Kaptanai Division, Kitale East District Health Care Center 10 10 Open
GWC 0406K- KE June 06 – June 27 3 Weeks Kilgoris Division, Olalu Location, Trans Mara District Handicapped Children & Support 8 8 Open
GWC 0407K- KE July 05 – July 26 3 Weeks Kisumu Rural Education and Construction of School 10 10 Open
GWC 0408K- KE July 04 – July 25 3 Weeks Aitong Mara Narok South District – Maasai Mara Community Health and Education 10 10 Open
GWC 0409K- KE July 04 – July 29 3 Weeks Watamu – Malindi Coast Province Community Development 14 14 Open
GWC 0410K- KE Aug 04 – Aug 29 3 Weeks Aitong Mara Narok South District – Maasai Mara Wild life Tourism and Education 14 14 Open
GWC 0411K- KE Sep 04 – Sep 26 3 Weeks Kisumu West Nyanza Province Wild life Tourism and Education 12 12 Open
GWC 0412K- KE Sep 02 – Sep 24 3 Weeks Municipal of Malindi. Coast Province Empowering Women and Community Health 08 08 Open
GWC 0413K- KE Oct 02 – Oct 24 3 Weeks Narok North Rift valley Province Education and Child Support 10 10 Open
GWC 0414K- KE Oct 02 – Oct 24 3 Weeks Sori trading centre, Nyatike constitution, Karungu division, Migori District, Nyanza Province Community Development and Support 10 10 Open
GWC 0415K- KE Nov 05 – Nov 26 3 Weeks Kasarani Nairobi. Nairobi HIV/Aids and Awareness 08 08 Open
GWC 0416K- KE Dec 02 – Dec 22 3 Weeks Kisumu West, Nyanza Province Education and rehabilitation of Orphans 08 08 Open

Special Note: Please note that if in case, your project is overbooked, or if we don’t have any spare or extra space in a particular workcamp project in which you are interested. You can make a request before the workcamp project starts, GWC will contact to our In-country coordinator to find a solution and try to make adjustments in order to give you a space in that very project, however, GWC will charge extra fees for this kind of arrangement