GWC Objectives


By making humans as point of reference, some of the aims of our organization include:

  • Commitment to promotion of peace in the community.
  • Establish and nurture friendships with individuals who come from various backgrounds, differences notwithstanding.
  • To advance the self-esteem of volunteers by creating conducive environments for their effective application of their knowledge towards making their community a better place.
  • To keep sharpening the skills of individual volunteers by exposing them to community projects.
  • To motivate our prospective volunteers to freely interact with their host communities so that they can have broader insights to their plights.
  • To enhance the leadership traits among the volunteers via productive thoughts and inputs.
  • To discourage and dispel the myths and misconception behind various socio-cultural practices.
  • To study the plights of the poor and needy communities and how best to minimize this via the helps of our volunteers.