Why join GWC in Ghana

Blessed with amazing wildlife and fascinating landscapes, Ghana is known to be one of the happiest nations in the world. You will be amazed at the beauty and natural wealth Mother Nature has blessed Ghana with. It has almost all type of terrains that you would want to explore. From magnificent mountains to splendid rivers to sun bathed nude beaches to lush green plateaus, Ghana is a visual treat to eyes. One can not help but get lost in the luxury of mesmerizing natural beauty. Ghana despite being a flourishing democracy is crippled with serious issues like growing urban poverty, Lack of shelter and education of the orphaned kids who are neglected, abused, abandoned, and delinquent children, HIV/AIDS and breast cancer, lack of water reservoirs, environmental protection etc. These poor people including innocent children continue to suffer as not much has been done by the Government. They look up to volunteers and social workers for their selfless services instead of waiting for their own government to tackle the situation.

GWC understands the need of the poor in Ghana, despite it heading towards development, the poverty, Scarcity and poor management of water resources; need for psychological counseling in education and the Pandemic like HIV/AIDS and Breast Cancer has long been ignored. After thorough research conducted in partnership with local communities, GWC has developed some very interesting learnable and helpful working projects for the young people. Considering this GWC has joined hands with local partners to enhance and pave way for fruitful benefits with its lasting sustainable efforts. The GWC volunteers will get opportunities to interact with International volunteers working towards the mobilization of the poor. The focus would be on to improve the lives of poor people in the country. Growing urban poverty, Crime, lack of education, prevailing lack of awareness, Discrimination and sexual violence, Gender inequality, Family instability, Scarcity of water resources, un employment and drought and desertification are some of the major challenges that needs special attention.

Global work camps arrange helpful, useful and learnable work camping projects in this beautiful but developing country for those who want to help the poor and communities and individuals. The work camps organized by GWC offers a wild rich, everlasting and learning experience of working holiday in Ghana. Volunteers will help enhance the process of developmental efforts being made by governments, non-governmental organizations, charities, community groups and grassroots groups in Africa. Volunteers would be the main force behind the promotion of international co-operation, friendship, cross-cultural exposure, cultural engagement, peace, understanding, and solidarity and initiates new steps for sustainable social-economic development through voluntary work camp programs in Ghana. GWC believes in the young force that can hold the beacon of positive change in the lives of rural communities. It is important to move with the local communities and be one among them to make them believe in the power of change. The camps are designed with comfortable itineraries for short duration of two weeks combining both charity and fun activity. Come join hands with GWC and together let us bring smiles on the faces of needy poor people while you explore the natural and wild beauty of the land!

6 Workcamps have been found in Ghana based on your choices

Code, Date, Location & Type of Project:

Code Of Camps Start / End Date Camp Duration Camp Location Nature Of The Project Total Available  
GWC 0400-GH Jul 10 – Jul 31 3 Weeks Agona Environment Protection 30 30
GWC 0401-GH Sep 04 – Sep 25 3 Weeks Kwansakrom Agona district Community Development 30 30
GWC 0402-GH Aug 03 – Aug 24 3 Weeks Bortianor Accra Marine Life and Beach Conservation 30 30
GWC 0403-GH Oct 06 – Oct 25 3 Weeks Koforidua Eastern region Teaching in Schools 30 30
GWC 0404-GH Dec 10 – Dec 24 3 Weeks Koforidua Eastern region HIV/Aids Awareness 30 30
GWC 0405-GH Jun 03 – Jun 24 3 Weeks Koforidua Eastern region Class rooms Construction 30 30

Special Note: Please note that if in case, your project is overbooked, or if we don’t have any spare or extra space in a particular workcamp project in which you are interested. You can make a request before the workcamp project starts, GWC will contact to our In-country coordinator to find a solution and try to make adjustments in order to give you a space in that very project, however, GWC will charge extra fees for this kind of arrangement.