About us


In 2011, some group of think-tank individuals was drawn together with passion to alleviate the suffering of the helpless, less privileged and the indigent communities across the globe. Towards the end, Global Work Camps (GWC) was established as a non-governmental and non-profit making organization. It is noteworthy to say that this noble organization has no affiliation whatsoever with any religious or political group in any way. Meanwhile, our registered office is situated at Irving, Texas in the United States. Having being in network with almost 30 international and uncountable number of local organizations, we have been able to share volunteers every year. Essentially these volunteers are grouped together with a common goal to improve the well beings of these indigent’s individuals. Basically speaking, GWC is partly established for the promotion of peace, cooperation and also enhance the lives of the poverty ridden communities and helpless people worldwide by the exclusive support of youthful volunteers. Indeed, our volunteers are mixed together from various Nationalities, Religious, Social and Ethnic background.

Vision: To make the world habitable for ordinary man and offers equity, fairness and justice to the needy and less privileged people.

Mission: To Nurture and advance the ideal peace while offering valuable services to the highly desirous communities all over the world so as to boost their confidence. Besides, we are as well dedicated to promote the inter-religious, international, and inter racial relationships by creating rooms for different groups of youthful, passionate and strong volunteers with different brought up and perspectives to live and work as a team.